Our Community Partners

YCD leverage the strength of our long-standing relationships with the local and regional police, courts, prisons, schools, and even community religious leaders. We also have an ongoing relationship with the US Peace Corps and Girls Not Brides to support our campaigns against early child marriages.



We’ve noticed a discrepancy between the law and what happens on the ground, particularly when it comes to vulnerable youth offenders. We work with police to encourage proper and lawful treatment of these children, and provide social and legal aid to them, from encouraging families to visit their children in prison to completing bail application forms correctly. We also work with the magistrates, judges, and clerks in the courts to monitor the legal execution on the ground and ensure justice. The goal is to uphold their human and legal rights and rehabilitate these offenders to the greatest degree possible.


We are allowed special access into the Nsanje and Chikwawa district prisons, where we conduct ongoing life skills trainings with imprisoned youth, most ages 18-20. The prisons also help us with the important task of identifying the youth most inclined to be successfully rehabilitated through our programs. IMG_0844.JPG

Standing with prison security officers, prisoners, and YCD staff/volunteers after a training session. YCD also brought basic medical supplies to support the prison clinic, which serves 500+ prisoners with very little funding from the government entities.



YCD partners with schools to conduct teacher trainings, specifically regarding the empowerment of female students and keeping female students in school doing their menstrual cycles with basic sanitation education. We also conduct seminars to teach kids about crime: what is crime, what behavior is considered a crime by the law, and teaching them about their rights and duties as citizens to prevent youth from offending the law and winding up in prison.


We’ve also sent dozens of kids to school, paying their school fees, uniforms, and providing supplies like a notebook and pen to the most vulnerable children in the community, as identified by our needs assessments.



We also have a strong and well-recognized relationship with the government of Malawi, specifically the following ministries:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: Malawi Prison Service and the Malawi Police Service
  • Ministry of Local Government: District Assemblies (Chikwawa District Assembly, Nsanje District Assembly and Blantyre District Assembly)


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